a piece of a code of a link of a song my friend had sent to me

Part of the ongoing series loosely titled a piece of a code of a link of a song my friend had sent to me where abstract visuals are joined with disjointed parts of links, error messages and other digital textual data, captured mostly by chance.

Titles are selected by searching for words/exclamations from natural language in places usually overlooked in everyday use of computers and the Internet. If such words cannot be found, the pieces of text which look appealing and open to different interpretations are chosen to go with the artwork. The ambient in which these combinations of artwork and text occur is where errors or seemingly unimportant bits in digital communication - be it with other people or with a machine - are seen as something interesting and increasingly natural in modern everyday life. 

At the same time, with an extra bit of attention, hidden fragments of meaning can be uncovered.


- vIR18kQ40td

GWGiz-  tygOwCA2dG

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